touch enabled

off-site pos

EMV compatible

receipts and invoices are bar coded for easy lookup

all POS is kept indefinitely

finds products or services by look-up or scan

screen and buttons can be set as desired

sales can be attached to Events for reporting

shipping can be added to the sale

comments can be added to the sale

updates the database in real time

reports can be generated by clerk, register, shift, tender type, time of day, date range, store, etc.




stand alone point of sale

for remote stores that access the terminal server

local server is configured for times when network connection is lost

allows for all stores to continue sales

all data is available and POS functions the same

once network connection is reestablished updates are run

café sales

industry codes allow for different product types

map quick keys to keyboard for products, services, or functions


open-close the day when desired

extracts to QuickBooks, SAGE, or .csv