Our touch-screen-enabled Point of Sale is more than just a place to ring up a customer.

From our Point of Sale you can do:

Administration – allows you to void sales, find sales (either by Sale ID or by scanning the receipt), return items (either by Sale ID or by scanning the receipt), bring items into a new sale for credit, open cash drawer without a sale, and print receipt summaries for the register (this can be password protected).

Close Out Of POS – you can either exit POS and reopen in the same day, Sign Off, End Shift, Close the Day, or Close and Start the Next Day.

Combine Payments – gives you the ability to accept multiple tenders on one Sale.

Tender AR, Balance Cards, Cash, Checks, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Foreign Exchange, Gift Cards, and Simple Tenders.

Delete Items from a Sale – Select the item and hit F5.

Manage Drawers ­– reconcile POS transactions performed by a cashier. Drawers can be moved from register to register.

Enter Shipping Information During a Transaction by using our Shipping function.

Find a Customer – can be done anytime before tendering a sale.

Find a Customer Order and fill the order at the POS – any discounts, tenders, or additional charges will be carried over to POS.

Function Keys – we use the full Function key range from F1 - F12 ­– these can be modified to suit your store. The default setting is F1 (Find Service), F2 (Find Product), F3 (Accounts Receivable), F4 (Refund Lock), F5 (Remove Item from Sale), F6 (Discount), F7 (Simple), F8 (Balance Card), F9 (Credit Card), F10 (Check), F11 (Cash), F12 (Debit Card).

Hot Keys – You can assign any letter or number to a product or service. At the POS when the letter or number is pressed, the item or service will appear as though it has been scanned.

Issue Customer Rewards based on benchmarks determined by you.

Make a Sale Tax Exempt – functionality allows you to determine which level of taxes to make exempt prior to tendering.

Ring up Services to be Sold – such as Gift Certificates or Gift Wrapping.

Sales Promotions – place items on sale based on any inventory parameter.

Issue and Redeem Coupons.