Computac Inc., in West Lebanon, NH, is the parent company of the iMerchant product. We became an incorporated company in 1965. We are a small family company now in our third generation, with the second generation at the helm and the fourth in grade school. We have been providing software solutions to niche industries ever since my grandfather took delivery of the first mainframe computer north of Boston, MA, in 1962.

We currently have three products on the market. Our largest product is the MARC system. MARC is built for wholesale magazine distributors. MARC has been on the market since 1978. Chances are if you sell magazines in your store, your supplier is our customer. Our customers make up over 80 percent of the market.

Another product of ours is RoadVision, a Transportation Management System for Less-Than-Truckload Trucking Companies. RoadVision was brought to market in 1997.

Finally, iMerchant for independent booksellers. iMerchant is the second generation of Square One. Brought to market in 2004, iMerchant encompasses everything we’ve learned about this industry over 34 years. We have a breadth of industry knowledge. Some members of our team were on the development team for Square One while others are just joining.

Square One was released in 1984 and was brought to its end of life in 2016. After a 32-year product life span, we can now focus solely on the iMerchant product. The only remaining software provider in the bookselling industry that has been around longer than us is Booklog, and they entered the market in 1983.

We compete on the quality of our products, not the price. We don't take part in the race to the bottom. That isn't a model that allows for a company to sustain itself for over 50 years. 

We are a company that believes in the long haul. We write software products that last a long time and we develop customer relationships that last a long time, too. Our oldest customer relationship is over 40 years old. We view our employees and our customers as a part of our family, not a means to an end.

We hope in the near future to include you as a member of our family.