Inventory Management


buying manager helps select products to purchase

make more informed buying decisions

to be ordered (tbo) lists hold products awaiting order

automated addition of products to tbo's

manually create PO's at any time

import front lists and add new products to PO's

transmit orders via FTP

process acknowledgements and return unfilled items to tbo

PO history is kept indefinitely

customer orders

store controlled design of customer record

holds unlimited number of addresses

assign shipping codes to calculate shipping charges

automatically applies customer discounts, tax status, and reward programs to Customer

order history kept indefinitely

attach parameters that are honored at point of sale

attach customers to sales

pull orders into POS for billing

only allocated products are billed

changes to orders can be made at any time, even at checkout

customer orders can be brought into the sale and invoiced

used books

maintain unique versions of titles

buying assistance based on historical data

build buying rules

buy in bulk or item by item

create a voucher that is honored at POS

move items into inventory at your convenience





line by line directly from a PO

or an entire order or group of orders at one time

edit during or after

automated handling of discrepancies

real time updates

flags customer orders and assigns allocations

automated creation of labels

custom label design

physical inventory

take full inventory or sectional

hand held scanners available for rent

check discrepancies and make corrections

apply counts to update on-hand amounts


schedule books for return using to-be-returned (tbr) lists

or set up a return and scan titles into it

return agains invoices using receiving history

can be made to vendor of record or alternate vendor


design reports as needed

generate reports by:

clerk, register, shift, tender type, time of day, date range, event, store, etc.

extract to .csv


computac's books in print database

automatically fills inventory data by title

provides vendor quantity on hand