While we focus primarily on independent bookstores, our product is retail agnostic. We can handle any retail industry. This means you can easily sell more than books and you can easily use the same POS for your cafe and bookstore.

We excel at multi-store functionality. Our software allows you to purchase, receive, and transfer from one location for all stores.

Our Customer Rewards program allows you to track customer purchases and issue rewards based on benchmarks determined by you.

We offer an Offline Sales solution that allows you to run POS without a network connection. This means you can still run your POS in store if you lose your internet connection. Or you can run your POS at events without a network connection. This option is available for both our cloud and client solutions.

Our Buying Manager allows you to make decisions manually or to automate decisions based on Restock Rules and Auto Buy functions. Our Buying Manager assists you in the buying process. It allows you to look at a list of products according to filters you set. The [i]merchant Buying Manager allows you to be more efficient and effective throughout the process.

[i]merchant is highly customizable. You can customize fields, reports, buttons, function keys, hot keys, exports, even screens. 

We allow for the sale of used books. Our used book system is capable of buying used books for cash or credit. It can keep track of editions, as well as conditions. It can set price based on Dollar off New, or Discount off New, or based on other predefined rules set by you. You can purchase an entire box of books for a set amount, and receive the items individually at a later time.

Our front end provides a unique blend of touch-screen-enabled screens at the POS and heads down input-intense screens made easier through tabs, function keys, and hot keys.

All grids within our system can be printed and exported. That means pretty much every screen can be exported to .csv.

Our VENSTOCK product is a proprietary Computac database that provides book information and stock availability from wholesalers. Venstock provides your store the ability to look up titles you don’t have in your inventory, seamlessly add those items to your inventory, sell those items, and order them.

In partnership with ChargeIt Pro, iMerchant is EMV compatible.

iMerchant integrates to QuickBooks for AP, AR , GL. If you don’t like QuickBooks all AP, AR, and GL can be exported as .csv files to be imported into the accounting package of your choosing.

iMerchant allows for electronic ordering through Baker and Taylor, Ingram, Nielsen Pubnet, Bookazine, Nielsen BookScan, Penguin Random House, and can be customized to work with any other vendor.

iMerchant integrates to Fillz and Monsoon as well as Above the Treeline and Edelweiss.