Computac Inc. currently offers software solutions in three niche markets. MARC focuses on the Distribution of Mass Market Books and Magazines. RoadVision focuses on Less Than Truckload (LTL) Trucking. Finally iMerchant focuses on Independent Booksellers.

We are a small family company founded in 1965 now in our 3rd generation, and still going strong.

We have seen computers go from the size of a custom room to the size of a thumb drive. We have seen storage sizes go from kilobits to yottabits. We have seen software move from mainframe to the cloud.

We have weathered recessions. We have seen industries boom and bust. We have seen employees and customers come and go and come back again.

We have customer relationships that go back over 40 years. We have employees who have worked here since they graduated from college in the 60's up until they retired in their late 60's. 

We also have employees who just graduated from college and customers we are just starting our relationships with. 

With our 4th generation in the early stages of their elementary school education, we hope in the future to say we have 80 year old customer relationships.

Our size is our strength. Being a small software company allows us to treat our employees and customers as though they are members of our family. It allows us to be nimble and react to our customers when they are in need.

We weren't born in a garage in Silicon Valley, or in a dorm room in Cambridge, MA. We were born in a warehouse near Hanover, NH in the Upper Valley. 

Wrong valley, wrong Ivy League school, right choice. Ever since we accepted delivery of the first main frame computer north of Boston over 50 years ago, we chose to develop products that suit the needs of our customers, not what we think our customers need.